Temperature Sensor with 3/8 inch NPT thread, -55 to +125 deg.C, I2C bus, excludes cable

Probe with high temperature range for fuel and gas as well as food and environmental applications.

The temperature sensor is machined from solid brass or stainless steel to have extremely low internal stress. Brass has a much lower thermal conductivity allowing higher mesurement accuracy of the liquid or gas to be measured. The decoupling from the casing of the mesuring device is 4 times better than comparable probes made from stainless steel.

The electronics are extremely close to the tip of the probe and make contact with the shell for optimum heat transfer.

The probe installs directly into the flow of the medium and may be installed in a filter inlet. The thread is a self sealing 3/8 inch thread that provides a pressure seal with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and brass.

A sealed connector is potted into the probe making installation easy without having to twist the cable going to the computer or SCAMP device. Also allows later repair or service of the unit with ease.


Ringdale Instruments Temperature Sensor

The probe has been tested to work through Ringdale's Intrinsic Safety Barrier 05-15400000 for details click here.

The probe is also compatible with Ringdale Quadrature Scaler 00-44-0575-0000. For details click here.

Part Numbers:
00-44-0577-0000-Ax (Brass with Embedded Connector)
00-44-0577-0010-Ax (Stainless Steel with Embedded Connector)

Ax signifies the sensor's I2C address which has to be specified
with the purchase order.
The address range is A0..A7.

If pigtail required, please refer to part number 00-44-0577-0001

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