Quadrature Temperature Compensation Device

Allows Quadrature and Temperature Probe Input to Compute Temperature Compensated Quadrature Output

A reliable electronic solution to replace mechanical temperature compensation for displacement volume measuring devices.

Circuit accepts quadrature input from 2 optical sensors that are triggered by a rotating slotted wheel. Circuit scales the input based on a programmable scaling value and outputs a new quadrature signal. Provides for additional temperature input in form of a I2C bus and is compatible with Ringdale 00-44-0577-0000 temperature sensor. Provides for the programming, storage, and retrieval of scaling and temperature compensation parameters.

Several output types are programmable:

a 5..90 displacement between two similar edges of two phased outputs generated by a common input. In other words, two square wave outputs (A and B) having the same number of pulses per revolution are in quadrature relation to each other - if A leads B by 90 for clockwise rotation and B leads A by 90 for counter-clockwise rotation. The pulse outputs indicate amount of shaft rotation, and the A / B phase difference indicates direction of rotation. This output type is compatible with any control device that accepts quadrature inputs.

a single square wave output (A) with the programmed pulses per revolution (factory default 100 pulses) regardless of which direction the shaft is rotating (also called single output).

Direction Indicator
a digital output that indicates the direction of rotation: the output (B) is high when rotating in one direction and low when rotating in the other direction. Output (A) provides a single square wave output (A) with the programmed pulses per revolution (factory default 100 pulses per revolution)

Minimum/Maximum Speed Indicator
A digital output (A) that turns "on" when the encoder exceeds a predetermined revolution per minute (RPM), and turns "off" when the RPM is less than the predetermined RPM value while output (B) turns on if the RPM is below the predetermined minimum and turns off if above the minimum RPM.

16 volume compensation points can be set

Output can be compensated with an optional temperature probe input. Works with Gilbarco and other computers for Petrol, AVGAS, JET-A1, LPG and Ethanol pumps and mixers.

Please specify type of medium as the temperature correction tables are different for different media.

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