Half HP 48V-DC Centrifugal Pump Arrangement

375 Watt (1/2 HP) 48V-DC Water Pump Arrangement for Water Loop 2in INLET 1.5in OUTLET

1/2 HP, 48V-DC Centrifugal Pump for continuous duty or controlled use with Ringdale 48V-DC Motor Controller.

This arrangement of self priming Pump and Motor on a Stainless Steel Carrier makes for a high performance and maintenance free pump arrangement that can be integrated with any 48V-DC system.

Finds its application in water loops for;
  • Air conditioning and heating systems,
  • Irrigation
  • On vehicle operation
  • Alternative energy powered systems
  • 48V-DC emergency battery systems
Compatible with Ringdale's 48VDC Motor Controller for 48V-DC Motors up to 2kW (2-1/2 HP).

Note: Do not run pump dry for more than 60 seconds. Not suitable for pumping abrasives.

Other pump heads and motor sizes available, please call.

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