Network and Web-Managed Programmable Logic Controller PLC-1608

The Networked Programmable Logic Controller (PLC-1608) has 16 Inputs and 8 Outputs

This unique PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) allows up to 16 inputs to be evaluated and up to 8 relay isolated outputs to be controlled.

Unique features include that the device can be connected directly to an Ethernet LAN. A built in web-server allows for configuration and status display of the controller thus no front panel required.

Easy to understand C-like programming language. A program can be sent to the device via Ethernet in clear text which will then be compiled on the device. No software is required as the program is compiled on the unit. A de-compiler also on the unit allows the program to be retrieved at any time in the future without any need for external software, comments in the source code are not stored in the unit.

The controller is ideal to replace older TTL type controllers that for example controlled half automatic screen printing equipment, security access curtains, punch presses, sheers and press breaks.

But also ideal for remote control of motors, fans for factory or environmental monitoring applications.

The controller has a power supply and battery charger included which can run the controller fully functioning for up to 8 days.

A built in timer and clock which can syncronize with a timeserver, or be connected to Ringdale's Satellite Time Server keeps accurate time and can spawn actions at pre-set times.

The Ringdale PLC-1608 is ideal for solving small automation and robotics problems.

The PLC can also easily integrate into larger industrial applications and communication between devices through the network give the device unparalleled ability and flexibility.

Also available with power supply and battery charger in a rugged enclosure part No.: 00-25-0502-1100.

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