AC - Micropower 12V Pulse D/Strike ANSI STD (PTO)

Extremely low power ANSI door strike which uses less than 1mA during continuous operation.

Ringdale's Micropower ANSI Pulse Operated Door Strike can be run effectively and economically with a low power Lithium battery. It operates with less than 1mA of continuous power to unlock (in similar mechanisms this operation can take up to 10 watts).

The Door Strike is universally compatible with any other access control device. A selection of faceplates are also available to fit Ringdale’s ANSI Door Strike. (Faceplates are sold seperately).

Ringdale’s Door Strike can be connected to a network via a network access controller, or can be used as a stand alone device.

Ringdale’s Card Readers can be controlled from a central software program over a 10/100base Ethernet network. In the event of a fire alarm, this software can enable all doors to be opened.

Using the Door Strike in conjunction with Ringdale’s Proximity Card and other ID Readers and Controllers, users simply wave an ID card (with a unique built in code) in front of the reader unit. The event is then logged and if the user has been granted access the door will be unlocked.

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