1784 Intrinsically Safe 44Wh Battery for use with ActiveLED Class 1 Div 1 Portable Lighting Head.

The Ringdale� 12V DC Intrinsically Safe Portable Battery combines the efficiency and performance of ActiveLED technology with robust design and construction.

The Ringdale� 12V DC Portable Battery combines the efficiency and performance of Ringdale Technology with robust design and construction. Ideal for illuminating confined spaces where flammable gases, vapors, liquids and dusts may be present. The portable ActiveLED Intrinsically Safe Battery specifically designed for wet and conductive environments, including petrochemical containers, grain silos and storage tanks.

Other applications include under vehicle inspection carrying explosive substances, crime, accident, roadworks temporary lighting.

The battery can be charged outside the hazardous area from a 14.4V DC Output Battery Charging Station, that can also be used in conjunction with ActiveLED Low Voltage Explosion Proof light fixtures being in full compliance with OSHA requirements for portable lighting in wet or conductive locations in confined spaces (1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(G)).

The ActiveLED HZLSL Hazard Light, when used with this product, will run for 7 hours (see temperature and cycle de-rating below) on full and another hour on reduced light output while maintaining Class 1 and Division 1 ratings.


77�F (25�C)1.000.830.72
104�F (40�C)1.000.740.70
131�F (55�C)1.000.700.63
140�F (60�C)1.000.650.58
Capacity de-rating table for different operating temperatures.


Ten (10) Year Warranty or 1800 charge cycles. Battery and electronics shall conform to their published specifications under normal usage and operating conditions including �low-capacity-loss� of not more than 30% at the end of 1800 re-charge cycles when operated (charged or discharged) within +48...+104 �F.

Listings and Tests

Class 1 Division 1, CE, suitable for wet locations. RoHS compliant. IP68 Rated Driver, IP66 Rated enclosure. Conforms to FCC Part 15.19 Subpart B Class A. Made in USA - ARRA Compliant.

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