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All Stainless Hydraulic Cylinder - Push / Pull Strength 5500/4500 kp

Ringdale Hydraulic Cylinder, 2.50 bore x 36 inch stroke, 2500 PSI Max, all Stainless Steel

This Hydraulic Cylinder is made from the best of materials and precision engineered to have no leakage when operated within its parameters and minimum leakage when maximum psi rating is exceeded.

With 5.5 tons of push or 4.6 tons of pull the cylinder can be used in a large number of applications where large stroke and high pressure is required:
  • Daylight Presses
  • Metal Folding Machines
  • Scissor Lifts
Due to its stainless steel body the cylinder can be used in corrosive or underwater applications such as:
  • Boat and Personal Watercraft Lifts
  • On Ships
  • Jetfoil Extenders


Note: When used in pneumatic applications gas must be oiled to extend piston seal life.

All old cylinders can be sent back to one of our recycling centers for disposal at the end of life.

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