Battery Bank Isolation Diode 100 Volt, 100 Amps (pulse short circuit 2000 A for 2 seconds )

100 Volt, 100 Amp High Current Isolation Diode with Extremely Low Forward Voltage of less than 0.35 Volt at 100 Amps continuous operation.

Cost effective battery arrangements in DC systems require batteries that are lightweight and not too bulky for maintenance. Therefore larger systems are arranged as more than one battery bank.

To not have one good battery bank being able to destroy a bad battery bank or a new battery bank destroy an old battery bank they have to be isolated to the load bus.

The most automatic way to do this is using diodes which will cause always the most charged bank to be depleted first.

Diodes do have a forward voltage which will determine the loss in the diode when current is flowing through it. The Ringdale isolation diode for battery banks has currently the lowest forward current in the industry reducing the loss in the diode to typicall less than 0.8%.

The diode can be used with Lead Acid or LiFePO4 battery banks or mixed systems.

Ringdale also makes a Battery Fuel Gauge 00-11-0694-00xx that when used in conjunction with the isolation diode guarantees very long battery life time and over-discharge protection.

The isolation diode and the fuel gauge are designed to operate in any 12 Volt to 100 Volt battery system.

*Applications with frequent high pulse currents have to consider the heat sink capabilities of the diode.

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