Battery Fuel Gauge

Battery Fuel Gauge with automatic shutoff for LiFePO4 or Lead Acid battery banks

More than 90% of battery bank failures have their root cause in unhealthy depletion of the batteries at one time in the system's life. The investment into a Ringdale Battery Fuel Gauge and Shutoff can completely eliminate the risk of total or unhealthy battery depletion.

State-of-the-art technology puts the actual energy loss for the benefit of protection at less than 0.8% at full load. Minimal loss is a key requirement for alternative energy fed systems.

3.5 mOhm ON-resistance low voltage shut-off for 24 to 100 V DC battery banks.

The device monitors low battery voltage and turns the battery bank completely off when critical voltage is reached. This protects the battery which is the most expensive component in any DC system.

The device has a default program for 16 cell Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and for 24 cell Lead Acid batteries. It can be monitored using Ringdale's EDSaP signaling and protocol as well as programmed for any number of cells not exceeding 100 Volts.

At 48V with a 100A load the internal loss of the device is only 35 watts making the total loss in operation less than 0.8% at full load and less than 0.7% at half load.

Part Number
48V (16 cell) LiFePO

24V (16 cell) LiFePO

48V (24 cell) Lead Acid

24V (12 cell) Lead Acid

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