AC - Ethernet Connected and PoE Capable RFID Proximity Card Reader, PIN Keypad and Relay - GatekeeperXpress II

Ethernet connected RFID reader, Keypad and Relay, designed for networked use with Ringdale's Access Control Systems and Sentinel Server software - Ringdale - specific PoE capable.

Ringdale's compact Access RFID Proximity Card Reader and PIN Keypad offers flexible and secure control of:
  • doors
  • home gate actuators
  • turnstiles
  • automatic vehicle barriers
  • farm gates
  • machinery

The unit also connects directly to any of Ringdale's server based Sentinel or BAS Biometric Access Control Systems.

The reader / relay combination, which uses RFID sensor technology, is ideal for installations where RFID card recognition is required and a Keypad as an alternative or additional method of authentication. This concept allows the user to immediately use Ringdale Proximity ID Cards for access.

Authentication may be programmed to rely upon a Proximity Card or Key FOB.

It is also a more convenient and secure method of entry for the user as they no longer have to carry office keys and if a card is lost not the whole infrastructure has to be re-keyed.

If the electronics (the relay) that are opening the door have to be located on the secure side of a building, then the relay can be detached from the unit and relocated on the secure side of the building. The relay communicates via an encrypted USB connection.

The unit can be programmed to either auhenticate users against its internal database or on the server.

The "Stand-Alone" Mode
Allows the programming of special programming cards that will allow to enrol a new card by presenting a master card followed by the card to be inserted into the database.

A pre-programmed backup card followed by a card already in the database will erase that card from the database.

NOTE: Power supplies sold separately.

Part Number: 00-16-0568-0200
(replaces 00-16-0537-0200)

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