High Resolution 12bit Absolute Position Rotary Shaft Encoder New

Absolute position encoder with 0.4 degree (4096 positions) accuracy with RS 422 interface. Robust and highly integrated design highest shaft side loading tolerance in the industry.


Accurate position sensing of rotating machinery.

Position reporting for an enclosed radar antenna system.

Valve Position reporting for:

- Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

- Dosing Systems

- Valves in Petrochemical Plants

- Oil and Gas Pipelines


The Ringdale 12-bit absolute encoder is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure. A 10mm stainless steel shaft turns on dual sealed ball bearings. Electrical connection is through a recessed, sealing connector mounted in the end of the encoder.

The encoder transmits its shaft position as a 12-bit value through an RS-422 interface. The data output is free-running and does not require a clock signal.

In a radar position application, the Ringdale 12-bit absolute encoder is rigidly mounted adjacent to the 1-1/2 radar shaft. A timing belt transfers rotation from a split pulley assembly on the radar shaft to an equally sized pulley on the encoder shaft.

Pin Function Table




+5-28 VDC supply




RS-422 A signal


RS-422 B signal

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