Quadrature Output Rotary Hollow Shaft Encoder HSEC-101

Quadrature Output Rotary Hollow Shaft Encoder HSEC-101

This unique hollow shaft encoder is available in 50, 100, 200, 250 pulses per revolution.

It may be used with the Ringdale 00-44-1575-0000 Quadrature Scaling and Temperature Compensation Device (also referred to as SCAMP) that has a programmable volume compensation curve as well as a temperature sensor input making it ideal to measure volume on gas or propane pumps.

The explosion proof connector on the unit with its interlock allows for easy installation and de-installation during build and maintenance.

Compatible with Ringdale's UL Listed Multi Circuit Intrinsically Safe Zener Barrier 05-15400000

ESD Protection
This Ringdale encoder has significant static protection. Encoder circuitry and output transistors are protected from high voltage transients to at least 6 kV direct discharge and 25 kV air discharge to either the encoder housing or the supplied cable when connected.

Special Requirements
If you have special requirements please ask for a quote. We can design encoders to suit your specific application.

Maximum Shaft Speed - 500 RPM

Part Number: 00-44-0567-0001

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