USB connected 4 x 12 bit Analog and 16 x TTL input controller

USB - 4 x Analog and 16 x Digital input Controller AD-416 New!

Process automation or laboratory applications that require up to 16 digital (TTL) and up to 4 Analog (12 bit resolution) inputs can use this HID compliant input controller.

The analog inputs can be jumpered for differential, 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 5 volt inputs.

A thermistor at the terminals of the analog inputs allows accurate measurement of temperature using thermocouples.

The maximum acquisition rate is 8 milli seconds.

The device reads all inputs simultaneously including the analog inputs.

The supply voltage for the board can be in a wide range of 8-60V DC input with polarity protection and extremely low power consumption.

A utility and programming instructions for inclusion into a C++ or VB environment is available from the Ringdale website. The utility program can read the value of each port and log the data to an MS Access or SQL database.

The input controller allows daisy-chaining of up to 8 devices or daisy chains with a Ringdale USB Relay board, meaning the first device is connected to the PC or the Ringdale Access Controller the second device's USB Slave I/O is connected to the first device's Daisy-Chain USB Host I/O, the third device's USB Slave I/O to the second device USB Host I/O and so on.

The extremely low power consumption of the device allows solar operated data collection to be realised using this device.

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