Multi Circuit Intrinsically Safe Zener Barrier 6 x 5V and 6 x 12V

12-circuit low capacity intrinsically safe zener barrier Printed Circuit Board with six 5V barriers and six 12V barriers.

This unique new zener barrier complies to UL-962 for intrinsically safe zener barriers and features a low serial resistance of 100 ohms for the 5 volt signal barriers and 200 ohms for the 12 volt signal barriers.

The product is ideal for petrol and gas pumps or other equipment where part of the electronics are located in the hazardous area.

The zener barrier's design has particularly low capacitance to allow high frequency signals to pass with as little distortion as possible.

The device may be used with Ringdale's rotary shaft encoder. The shaft encoder is often used in gas pumps to measure the volume of gas pumped.

Also safety switches and high / low level switches can be fed back through the barrier to the pump controller.

Manufacturers of Gas Pumps often want the flexibility of extra channels for future extension of product features.

The product can be mounted on stand-offs [05-15400000] or is supplied in a SnapOn ABS plastic carrier fitting a DIN rail [06-15400001].

This product is more cost effective than using a number of single channel zener modules.

Supplemental information relevant to the design of intrinsically safe systems click here

Part Numbers:
05-15400001, all 12 circuits at 5 VDC

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