Rugged DC-DC Power Supply ( PSU )

Vehicle Systems Power Supply 10..100V input voltage for powering a 12Volt DC Laptop
and a 8.4Volt SMB bus battery

This PSU is ideal for rugged vehicle applications and complies fully with electrical and mechanical military specifications. The unit operates with high efficiency from 25 to 40C (-13 to 104F) and is hermetically sealed to survive submersion in water for up to one month operating fully after retrieval.

The unit is unique in its electrical specification as it performs without interruption from an input voltage of 10 Volts to 35 Volts typical. It will also operate at pulses up to 100 Volts without interruption of clean supply.

The PSU has a built in battery charger for 8.4 Volt Li-ION SMB bus intelligent batteries. A built in re-programmable microprocessor guarantees optimal charging times and life of battery.

The unit is protected against short circuit on the output and reverse voltage on the input.

A TTL level input signal (located on the output connector) can put the PSU into Sleep Mode. In this mode the unit will be on standby and consume less than 1 uA (micro ampere) on the input.

The efficiency is typically (84% at 12V 2 A), but never lower than 79% at any of the rated operating temperatures, loads or input voltages.

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