Power over Ethernet UPS

12v UPS for Access Controller and Locks with Power over Cat5 Ethernet Cable

The Ringdale 12 Volt Power over Ethernet UPS provides battery-backed power in Ethernet environments. It is ideally used as an extra uninterruptible power supply for 12 Volt devices such as magnetic door locks, conventional door strikes, access controllers, fingerprint readers and time and attendance terminals that are powered over Ethernet and will operate with 12 volts.

The device is a self-contained unit that can be hidden in a ceiling or affixed to a wall, containing enough capacity for a battery up to 22 Amp hours. The unit is fused to the power over Ethernet side so as to avoid short circuits that could cause potential fire hazards.

The UPS has outputs for battery low or mains failure and a tamper switch. (Battery not included; three sizes of battery are available separately from the Ringdale online store).

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