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Converter - Serial RS232 Interface to USB HID Keystrokes with Type-A USB connector

This device converts any numeric or ASCII data strings into HID compatible output. Ideal for RS232 Barcode Readers, Laser Scanners or Weigh Scales that need to be attached to a Ringdale Access Control System, a PC or a Laptop.

The RS232 port is defined as "incoming" data to the Converter, which converts the ASCII data into keystrokes and forwards these keystrokes to the USB Type-A port.

Please note that this product is not user-configurable, the factory default Baud rate is 9600. The Baud rate can be set at the factory from 1200 to 115200 Baud prior to shipment, please contact Sales for details.

If the requirement is to transmit data from a PC or a Laptop via a Serial RS232 Comms port, please refer to Converter part number 00-19-0532-0014, which converts an existing USB Type-A port into a bi-directional Serial RS232 Comms port, adding an additional Comms port to that PC or Laptop, see datasheet 00-19-0532-0014 for more details.

Part Number: 00-19-0532-0004

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