AC - Ethernet Combi Keypad & Optical Fingerprint Reader

Ethernet connected combination reader, designed for networked use with Ringdale's Access Control Systems - PoE capable

Ringdale's compact Access Keypad with Fingerprint Reader offers flexible and secure control of doors, printers, and time and attendance equipment. The unit also connects directly to any of Ringdale's Biometric Access Control Systems.

The reader combination, which uses optical sensor technology, is ideal for installations where access codes and/or fingerprint recognition is required. This concept allows the user to immediately use existing keycodes for access while gradually migrating to fingerprint recognition.

Authentication may be programmed to rely upon a personal identification number (PIN), which is entered into the keypad and/or a fingerprintís unique non-transferable, physical characteristics to provide the highest level of access control available. Entering the code and/or touching a fingertip on the optical sensor will open the door to an authorized user.

This system reduces initial outlay costs by eliminating the need to issue keys or cards to every user. It is also a more convenient and secure method of entry for the user as they no longer have to carry cards or office keys.

The system works by decoding an individualís fingerprint information into a unique code. It does not store a userís fingerprint image on the reader.

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