Camera and Lighting Arrangement

Camera and Lighting Arrangement for Facekey® Facial recognition products always provides excellent lighting conditions

This camera has two symetrically arranged incandescent light sources that provide the right spectrum for ideal lighting conditions in any ambient light — from pitch dark to bright daylight. The diffuser is made from unbreakable glass or acryllic material and may be custom shaped if required to blend into a building's character or a company's image.

The internal electronics automatically calculate the right amount of light to provide in order to achieve the best illumination of an individual’s face.

The camera has a 640 x 480 pixel true color resolution and a high frame rate and works on USB 1 as well as USB 2 hubs.

The lighting arrangement uses standard bulbs obtainable anywhere as well as from Ringdale.

When used with Ringdale’s Uniterruptible Power Supply and a 12Ah backup battery, the lighting can be maintained for up to 24 hours in the far northern hemisphere or up to 36 hours in equatorial regions. The duration is extendable by using up to 18 Ah batteries.
The camera fits in almost any situation including tight spots and may be adjusted to more convenient angles.

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