Temperature Sensor Probe - 8 Selectable Addresses, -55 to +125C, I2C and SMB bus interface

Addressable Temperature Probe with high temperature range for fuel and gas as well as food and environmental applications.

The addressable temperature sensor can be integrated into equipment or used as environmental sensor.

The electronics are extremely compact yet the sensor is thermally isolated from the cable connections to reduce heating and cooling effects through the cable wires.

The sensor is shipped as Ax = 0, no solder links in place. An appropriately sized heat shrink tube is supplied with the sensor, which has to be applied after the address selection has been made.

Address Selection

Ringdale Instruments Temperature Sensor Address Selection

The sensor has been tested to work through Ringdale's Intrinsic Safety Barrier 05-15400000 for details click here.

The sensor is also compatible with Ringdale Quadrature Scaler 00-44-0575-0000. For details click here.

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