Software Features

Software Edition Standard Professional Enterprise
Server will run as a Service on NT/2000/2003/XP/Win-7/Win-8 and stand-alone in Windows 9x/ME X X X
Supports Microsoft Access or SQL databases X X X
Biometric 'Fingerprint' support (including capacitive and optical sensors) X X X
Biometric 'Face' support X X X
Door Access Control (allows the use of Access Control to Doors utilising a centralised management system) X X X
Time and Attendance (allows the use of Clocking Terminals utilising a centralised management system) X X X
User and group management X X X
Access rights management (allows rights assignment to users) X X X
Dual and multi factor recognition techniques (set which recognition techniques a user is allowed to use, e.g. 'Keypad and Fingerprint', 'Fingerprint only') X X X
Database administration functions (Remove old devices, remove old log data) X X X
Device upload wizard (allows the upload of users, security patterns to multiple devices without interaction) X X X
Automated device logging (user actions logged in datbase for report generation) X X X
Firmware upload (easy firmware upgrades are achieved through administration tool) X X X
Search ("Users", "Departments" and "Devices") X X X
Reports (extensive reports on user activity and attendance) X X X
Built in NTP/SNTP time server (allowing hardware to ensure it has the correct date and time at all times via NTP/SNTP) X X X
Microsoft Windows Cluster compatible (supports load-balancing Active/Active or fail-over Active/Passive configurations) X X X
Import users from Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Primary Domain Controllers(PDC), Active Directory and LDAP X X
Fire lists (print on-demand fire lists to show exactly who is in and who is not in the building) X X
Export reports (export to .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .RTF) X X
Automated report export and e-mail X X
Graphical reports (add customised graphs to your reports) - Coming Soon X X
Hardware monitoring (know if a device is not responding or if it subject to a hardware failure or attack) - Coming Soon X X
E-mail alerts (send customised e-mails for "fire alarm, emergency release, tamper switch, unauthorised access, user not recognised, unauthorised device update attempt") - Coming Soon X X
Dynamic user import (automatically import users from multiple Primary Domain Controllers (PDC's), Active Directory's or LDAP servers and CSV files) - New X
Password synchronisation (allows the use of Windows passwords to synchronise with multiple PDC's and Active Directory's) - Coming Soon X
Cluster support (run multiple servers to spread load and ensure system uptime) X
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