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CT - Energy Monitor and Data-Logger for 1 or 3-phase power system - Ethernet Connected - USA

This device measures RMS current and voltage providing accurate logging of energy used in real-time when connected to an Ethernet network or onto a USB Drive

The Ringdale CT-Datalogger has the ability to alarm, e.g. send email, in the event of a high or low current event or other programmed criteria such as power outage, low voltage or a voltage surge as well as keeping a record of energy use.

Ideal in applications where accurate monitoring of Energy use is required in many locations such as high rise buildings where the use per tenant or per floor is required. Or in a factory to identify faults that result in significant energy wastage.

The CT-Datalogger can collect vast amounts of accurate data either through its fast Ethernet connection to a central point or on an included USB Memory device.

The unit is supplied with three 150A current transformers. Other sizes are available on request.

The current transformers are the split core type with a 0.75" internal diameter for wire sizes up to 250MCM THW. Outside dimensions are 2.0"x2.1". This particular form factor CT is available in full scale ratings of 5 to 200 amps.

Larger sized split core CTs are available with inside diameters of 1.25" and 2.00" with full scale currents to 1500A from magnelab.com. It is best not to oversize the full scale amperage since resolution and accuracy will suffer.

The unit is compatible with 333mV output current transformers only.

The Ethernet device has a built-in web server so it can be set-up and managed using a web-browser as well as getting a waveform snapshot of current or voltage, as per the example below. The pages are formatted to work well with mobile devices and have been tested on Explorer, Safari and Chrome as well as their mobile versions.


Part Number: 00-11-0569-1100

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