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AC - USB Relay Controller, HID compatible with 6 x SPS and 2 x DPS outputs

This unique 8 port relay board with type B USB socket can be used in conjunction with Ringdale® Sentinel™ Access Control Server Software or in process automation or environmental control applications

Process automation or laboratory applications that require relays to be programmatically operated can use this HID (Human Interface Device) compliant 8 port relay board.

The HID-62 allows six single pole switchover relays and two dual pole switchover relays to be independantly controlled via a USB interface.

The supply voltage for the board can be in a wide range of 8-60V DC input with polarity protection powering electronics and relay coils.

Each relay port can be programmed to be ON, OFF or timed ON or timed OFF giving an application program maximum flexibility.

A utility and programming instructions for inclusion into a C++ or VB environment are available from the Ringdale website. The utility program can exercise each port, set the ports timers as well as forcing a port ON or OFF.

Revision A is a single ended board and allows a maximum of 1 device (8 Outputs) per controlling Computer or Ringdale Access Controller.

Revision B of the board allows daisy-chaining of up to 8 devices (64 Outputs) in total, meaning the first device is connected to the PC or the Ringdale Access Controller the second device's USB Slave I/O is connected to the first device's Daisy-Chain USB Host I/O, the third device's USB Slave I/O to the second device USB Host I/O and so on.

Revision A is a single ended board and allows a maximum of one device (8 relays) per controlling Computer or Ringdale Access Controller.

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