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Ringdale provides an extensive range of productivity and energy saving solutions. Ranging from our ground-breaking FollowMe Printing solution for unparalleled document output management and routing to our cutting edge lighting and lighting control products, through to our world class access control and time management systems. If you cannot find the product you are looking for please contact us.
CopyPatrol Cables
Embedded Clients
External Print Release Controllers
Identification Readers
Internal Print Release Printservers
Payment Kiosks
Enterprise Software
Corporate Management
Document Management
Printer Management
Application Software
Command Line Tools
QuickID Software
Time and Attendance - Access Control
Building Access Control
BAS Biometric Access System
Identification Readers
Locks & Lock Face Plates
Network Door Controllers
Standalone Door Controllers
Area Access Solutions
Automatic Barriers
Signals and Signage
ActiveLED Lighting
LED Lighting - Home
LED Lighting - Landscape
LED Lighting - Office
LED Lighting - Outdoor
LED Lighting - Retail and Manufacturing
DC Systems and Generation
48V-DC Water Pumps
Batteries / Chargers / Protection
Solar PV Generators
Building Automation and Energy Management
BA - EDSaP Sensors
BA - LSC - LightSpace Controller
BA - LSM - LightSpace Managers
BA - LSRC - LightSpace Relay Controllers
Time and Attendance
Clocking Terminals
Demonstrator Cases
Identification Readers
Home Automation
ActiveClimate Products
Ceiling Air Conditioning Units
Potable Water Coolers
Potable Water Heaters
Networking - Fax, Workflow
Fax and Document Capture
Data Loggers
Programmable Logic Controller
Temperature Sensors
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Vehicle Systems
USB Devices
USB - Analog and Digital Input Controllers
USB - HID Converter
USB - Keypads
USB - to Relay Outputs
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