Security Solutions (Area and PC Access Control)

PC Access Control

In today's workplace, organizations of all sizes recognize the likelihood of external and internal threats to networked PCs.

Ringdale's PC Access Control provides a package that assists in centrally managing user access to PC Workstations by utilizing your organization's existing identification (ID) technology.
Ringdale seamlessly integrates with any industry standard ID technology whether it be bar codes, proximity cards (Ringdale, HID, Motorola, FeliCa and others) or magnetic swipe cards as well as biometrics such as fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein and face recognition.

Return on investment (ROI)

The implementation of a PC Access system can pay for itself in many ways enabling better usage of equipment by providing individuals with the ability to log into their own space on any PC running the Client software. Doing so ensures no one has access to the PC and your network unless they are known to the system.

Time and Attendance records can be supplemented with information on users as to when and where they logged on.

Ringdale's PC Access Control facilitates the management of logons and passwords centrally for all Windows-based PCs within an organization. PC Access Control ensures higher standards of security by offering identification technologies that include swipe cards, bar codes, proximity cards (Ringdale, HID®, Motorola® and others) as well as biometrics such as fingerprint or face recognition.

Ringdale offer a large range of ID readers that can work with Ringdale's PC Access Control solution which is capable of centrally controlling and monitoring access to your Windows NT™/2000™/XP™/2003™ operating systems.
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